72 Hours

There are 168 hours in a week.

Let’s say you work a full-time job (40 hours a week) and sleep 8 hours a night (56 hours a week), what are you doing with the other 72 hours?

That right there is taken directly from Facebook off of my boyfriend’s wall. (shameless shout-out to the handsome TJ Peatross, my boyfriend, and official writer/reporter, for neohiospotlight.com…go check out his website when you’re done enjoying mine!)

Ok back to the post…what an amazing question he asked that I truly believe should cause everyone to stop and think. I’m not talking about like “oh wow that’s a fun fact..”, i’m talking “oh wow…I have 72 free hours in my week and what do I actually spend that quality time doing with my life?”

Until recently I was a server and wasn’t full time anything. I worked probably about 30 hours a week, all of which were nights and weekends. I would be up til 1-2am (cause it’s virtually impossible to fall right to sleep after a busy night of serving), then sleeping in until noon, relaxing for a little bit then getting ready to go to work again. The weekends were even worse cause if I worked a double I’d work from 12-10 and who wants to do anything after all that!? Or I would sub (I forgot to mention I was also a substitute teacher for about 2 years) and then go directly to my job and that means I would have worked from 7:30am to 10pm, give or take. While on that schedule I didn’t do a damn thing during my time off! I just wanted to relax and lounge around. I didn’t do anything productive with those 72 hours or so left. And ironically I found myself very unhappy those years of working those hours. It wasn’t even about being too busy to do fun things, It was about being too exhausted and stressed to be able to enjoy anything else.

Well now things have changed! I now work full time and I LOVE it! I haven’t had weekends off like, ever! I would always have to work holidays and if I wanted to do something in the evenings or over the weekend, I had to make sure I knew about it two weeks in advance so I could ask for it off. Now I come home and sit there thinking, “I have so much time…what can I do today!” Now,I

I’m someone who values sleep A LOT! So in reality when I get home at 4 I have about 6 hours cause a girl has got to get her beauty sleep!! If I want to function and be a kind human being, I need my sleep! Normally I would just take naps, but that is such a misuse of my 72 hours. My new goal is to not take naps and to use my free time wisely. That sounds so silly, I know. I’m 23 and I’m saying I need to use self-control to not nap. My 5 year old self would never believe this.

In my 72 hours I want to be more me. I want to spend more time doing things that make me happy. I want to go for walks and take pictures of the scenery. I want to go shopping with friends and finding new places. I want to get dinner and drinks with my boyfriend and grow my relationship with him. I want to write more. I want to find more passions and run with them! I have always wanted to start yoga. (Crazy thing is…when I originally wrote this, didn’t know anything about yoga. I’ve now been doing yoga for 4 months!!) If I had the funds I would love to get back into singing and take voice lessons! Now that I have nights off I could start doing musicals again. I could take cooking classes or dancing classes…the options are limitless! I’ve spent far too many years feeling frustrated with where my life is or isn’t going that I don’t want to allow that to control me anymore. I’ve allowed my fear of failure to stop me from trying new things. I haven’t allowed myself to be happy because honestly I was lazy. But that stops now! I have 72 hours to be whoever I want to be and do whatever I want to do…and I want that to be great! So think about it…what do you want your 72 hours to look like?



(I am adding this to the end because I am proud to announce that many of those 72 hours will soon be used for studying as I am going back to school to get my paralegal certificate. I also plan to start going to the gym more regularly as yoga has become a gateway to fitness for me! I am so happy that since I had written this, I have already made so many changes to my free time! Hopefully you can read this and be motivated to do the same thing!!)


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